Monday, June 30, 2014

Bye Felicia.

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I quit my job Friday.
How else would I fulfill my dreams of being a stay at home daughter? 
Kidding. Kinda.

I had been unhappy for a while but was planning on waiting for my lease to end and to possibly find a new job first.
Well it ended up not quite playing out like that.

I have talked about on here how I just got off of my anxiety meds a few months ago and had been doing great but all of sudden my anxiety came back in full force.
 When I say anxiety I don't mean I was kinda nervous about everything I mean, can't sleep, can't eat, stomach is in knots, sick feeling to your stomach, random crying outbursts just not real fun stuff. It was making me miserable.

 I tried to hang in there and hold it together until the end of July but that just wasn't happening.
After talking with my family of some of my close friends I decided it would be best for me to get the heck out dodge and go back home. (*I actually don't know what or where dodge is but I heard it before and it seemed fitting.)
I needed to be back with my family and get back to my normal self.
So Friday that is exactly what I did.
I am ready for something new and look forward to the new opportunities coming up.

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  1. So obviously you're already missed, but also I'm so excited to see where you go from here! I'm glad I get to be a part of this life of yours!

  2. Ekk! Happy and Sad face. Sad you were havin' to go through all that but happy face that it is all workin' out for the better and you are back home with family.

  3. I am so glad you are home and even more happy that the anxiety is gone for the most part. Lets get through this week then we will start making money!

  4. Stay at home daughter! lol good one ;) I might consider that myself!